Twitter Disrupts API Partners

Without notice, apparently. I really don’t want to linger on Musk or any of his ventures (after years admiring him, I’ve soured on his apparent and actual treatment of others), but today I saw the news today, oh boy: “Twitter’s relationship with developers has fallen apart“ It’s difficult to imagine losing your livelihood–without notice–based on…More

Passing on Tesla

I’m not the car owner in my partnership but let’s just say I have, um, influence. We currently drive her 10-year-old Subaru Crosstrek, which gets about 27 mpg on a good trip, burning gas like a climate change denier flipping the middle finger to the sky. But we’re not deniers, and are very aware of…More

ChapGPT: Amazing, useful, & let’s be careful out there

ChatGPT from OpenAI has been getting a ton of coverage recently; I’ve been playing around with the ChatGPT AI engine since sometime this summer to see the possibilities, and consider how I’ll incorporate existing AI engines into my next thing. It’s super cool at first–you pose a detailed question or assign it a specific task,…More