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Startup Equity Allocation

I might be building a new team for the new company. While I’m a little reluctant to do so because it’s always a risk, I do miss having people I can count on and who are pulling for the work we’re doing. Teams can be great (and they can break down, as well–a subject for another post).

So a question I get from entrepreneurs is how to allocate stock. There are a lot of other posts about this, so I’m not going to do into great detail here (just Google “startup equity employees” and “Feld startup equity”). But here are a few thoughts.

I have to get back to coding. Last year I started a book, and I’ll include a lot more about equity in that and make it available here. Regardless, the overall message here is to have an abundance mentality, and positively incent your employees to find and serve customers extremely well.

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