Private Beta

I’ve been working on something for about 6 months. The results are decent, but it’s not where I want it to be yet. It’s time for feedback!

The software is designed to help me focus. The funny thing is, it’s taken so long to get it finished because I’m having trouble focusing. With the software near completion, it’s definitely been helpful for managing my time better. Maybe it can help you too. And maybe you can give me some direction and feedback.

Please sign up for the private beta. I’ll send an email in a week with instructions for participation.

There’s a lot of software for managing tasks and time. There’s even software very much like what I’m building, but it’s more big-brother software than personal productivity software.

The reason I decided to build this is that none of the software really worked well for me. As a guy who struggles with ADD, I found the other software too distracting or too cumbersome. This isn’t perfect yet, but it’s decent, and it will get a lot better in the coming months.

Thanks for helping out.

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