Beta 1, Update 1

I really thought I could pop out more updates faster, but it took 4 weeks! All kinds of bug fixes, re-coding, designing, and it just really added up.

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Next week I’m hoping to get another update out with more charts for analyzing time, tags, and tasks. And it would help to get the tasks section done.

Why so long?

Part of the issue is that there’s so much cool stuff to do now that I’ve got a solid flow of data to work with. So I try things out, listen to testers, and try some other things out. And I tend to be greedy for new ideas–I really love to investigate what’s possible.

Feature creep. Kind of. Ok, definitely. It’s ok sometimes, but at some point you have to put a stake in the ground, define what the release is going to be, and only work on that. I’ve reached that point (several times, unfortunately).

So try it out, kick me your feedback, and we’ll keep this thing moving. It’s a lot of fun, and even just tightening it up is fun. There’s a real sense of satisfaction to getting it right.

Today was a satisfying day đŸ™‚

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