Site icon Digging In + CNN = Lots of Traffic

Thanks for all of the interest, folks, and special thanks to Fred Wilson, host of Fred asked me to post on the only M&A experience I’ve had, and somehow it took off. Over 10,000 visitors so far. This internet thing is going to be big! 😉

Jawāya (ja|wāy|a, hard j) is in alpha stage, but we invite you to sign up to participate in the early beta this month. There will be three phases of our rollout; at first it will be a personal utility. Over time, it will morph into the full experience.

Which, of course, we’re not ready to talk about yet.

So please sign up now, and we’ll so deeply appreciate your help, input, testing, and thoughts when we’re ready. Soon 🙂

UPDATE: Site traffic passed 12,500 through Thursday; most was Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday the story had moved off the landing pages of CNN Money. It’s kind of a firehose, that CNN.

We’ve had over 1300 people sign up for the beta–thanks everyone! We’ll start rolling it out slowly sometime this month.

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