Rails Developers in Central PA

It’s time to build the team for Jawaya–a rare opportunity in Central PA to work on a cutting edge web services team that will compete with the top companies on the web.

This is classic seed stage startup–very little cash, but a great chance for early stock ownership, and potential to really change the way people use the web. If you’re into reducing the noise and increasing the signal, Jawaya could be the startup for you. We have almost 1400 people signed up waiting for a beta that needs your help to get it out the door.

So we’re looking for a few great Rails developers near Lancaster to join the effort–experienced Rails developers only who can work fast, understand scalability, code re-use, and agile, and have a passion for serving the vision, the team, and the customer.

Please send an email to me (I’m easy to find) or post here if you’re interested.  Thanks!

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