What Beta Means

I typically define Beta as “code complete, internally tested”. The Jawaya beta has a number of parts, and most are code complete, internally tested. A few parts are still moving toward beta, but the core functionality is not dependent on that.

Beta is also the ugly duckling period. The user experience is rougher, the user interface isn’t as pretty as it will be in a month.

Finally, there are open betas and closed betas; this is a closed beta. We have close to 1500 people signed up, but we’re rolling it out slowly and progressively so we get it right for the majority of them. Today’s a day for some final tweaks, and we’ll start rolling it out to more than friends and family, who have been helpful.

I’d love to hear from someone about great beta management. We’re going to try our best to serve people well through the software, support, and communication. Finally, the Jawaya blog will be live later today as well, and I’ll move most of the Jawaya posts over there. Thanks for stopping by, your supportive emails, and tweets. It really helps!


  1. Anonymous says:

    great idea–incentive. I think I'm going to use uservoice.com, and do weekly surveys with surveymonkey. Is your stuff dead obvious, or do you have hover help or other help?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am by no means a Beta feedback expert; I am rolling out a beta version/test of a website for our troops in the theater next week. Our approach includes a weekly feedback survey, multiple on page feedback forms and a $100 drawing. Each form requires a feedback type such as Bug report, Feature Request or Comment.Bug reports are categorized and prioritized as are feature requests/recommends. Comments are passed on to the customer.It is not clear if we will be notifying users when their specific request/report has been resolved or implemented but I would definitely recommend doing so.Best of luck!

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