A Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever

I was able to speed up the load time of the Jawaya plugin by a whopping gagillion seconds–something dramatic. I was able to achieve this stunning bit of engineering mastery by simply changing a value in the manifest so it would load before the page load. Clever.

When I realized later that there was something awfully wrong, I had forgotten what I had done. The bug wasn’t obvious at first–everything appeared to be working, but later I found the data was simply not getting stored because the extension was losing its authentication, or simply not getting it in the first place. I hadn’t written that code, so I didn’t know how to track it down immediately.

Frustrated, I took the evening off.

And this morning, I started by tracking it down, and realized a few things, including that if you want to grab a value from a page, you damn well better try to do it after the page loads, not before. I look forward to bringing on smarter people than I.

“There’s a fine line between clever and stupid” (occurs toward the end of the clip)

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