Google +1

So yes, here they are. Google has all the search data–the web cached, your searches stored, and now it’s added your recommended search results. Sounds a bit like Jawaya, except we don’t have nearly the data they do. Or the market cap 🙂

But all is not lost. As we get closer to launch, I’m getting more confident that what we’re doing is deeper and more valuable to people. I’m not sure we can stay ahead of the goog, but I do know we can serve people very well with what we’re doing.

I don’t know how far they can go; when you start sharing people’s search results, you better be very good about privacy, and Google has its issues there.

So far, this is just a toe in the water. But you can bet they’ve got team of people working to go deeper into making search and sharing a fundamental part of their model–for those who want it.

And we, the scrappy, unfunded startup, we will keep pushing that stone up the hill. We’re a tenacious lot and we’ll continue to build something people will really value, regardless of what other players do.

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