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A longtime friend of mine is also one of the most competent, dedicated, accomplished, loyal, caring leaders/managers/HR managers/COO etc etc I’ve known in my 20 years in business. I can’t say that about a lot of people.

She’s looking for a new challenge. 
Most of her career was in NYC, serving in a variety of high-level leadership roles in a mixed for-profit/non-profit.
She’s currently open to leadership roles (CEO/President/Exec Director/HR/COO) within an hour of lovely downtown Lancaster, which is an hour from Philly by train. Almost any business sector. 
If any of the following apply to you, please email me at my first.last at gmail, and I’ll make the intro:
  • You have just the job for her
  • You know someone who really should interview her
  • You are an investor or board member in Series A stage and beyond startups that should interview her (no seed stage unless you’re looking for a co-founder and have seed $ already)
  • You are a headhunter or know some in the region who can shake the trees for her.
This is someone I’d hire in a second if I were able. I’m kicking myself for not being ready…
Maybe Donna White can stop in and give some insights on this anonymous job search 🙂
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