Help Me Help Them Find a CTO

Two posts ago I lamented the news that a local startup might outsource their core dev. Noooo!!!! I learned that the hard and expensive way. 

And to their credit, they turned it around on me and said “Yeah?” 

And I said “Yeah!”, and they said “uh huh!” and I said “alright then“. 

So here’s the pitch to you, loyal readers and startup fans: Help Me Help Them Find a CTO

Mobile/Web Music Ecosystem Startup CTO

A funded startup in Lancaster, PA & Philly is looking for a developer/architect to join them in a fulltime effort as CTO. 

The right person can design, develop, and manage software projects on both web and mobile platforms (mobile will be on PhoneGap) .Net, PHP, or Rails, Javascript/jQuery/HTML5, work with others, hire other developers, yadda yadda.

They’re looking for a true team member–someone who will not just implement a spec, but ask why: they need someone with conviction who will really take ownership, to embrace and shape the vision. 

Can you please pass this along? We need to hear within a few days. It’s possible they’ll simply outsource the whole thing, which is not a good move for a startup. If anyone’s interested have them contact me directly at my gmail 

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