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I’ve been cranking away on Jawaya for almost a year now. It’s never been quite right, and so I’ve been through a number of prototypes, releases, changes, adjustments, expansions, contractions, etc.

I’ve done most of the front-end work; back end is by a couple of local heroes who put in time when they can. Everyone has to pay the bills, so without cash flow or investment, we hit it as we can.
For me, that’s full time.

As of this week, though you’ll notice a little blurb on the right of this blog. I am indeed available for hire. Why?

Well, I feel that to raise capital you need traction, and we simply don’t have that yet. We’ll get there, but in the meantime I need to pay the bills.

So I’m reminded that this is in fact, business. So I’m listening–how can I help?

If you’re a startup, I’m happy to give you my gut (informed intuition) about your idea/business/software and help you feel confident in the decisions you need to make to move forward. I really love helping other founders. I also love getting paid for my help, and I no longer spend time on startups for no pay.

You can expect me to take a deep dive* into your concept, product, business model, finance, capital, operations, sales and marketing, aspirations, plans, and give you a blunt assessment.  This is typically two half-days and a follow-up call a week or two later. The goal is to get you focused on what’s important right now and focused on a solid path. It’s up to you, of course, to execute.

Software projects
If you have a small to mid-sized project, I can get a team together to knock it out. If you’re a startup, I’ll advise you not to outsource (even to me) and instead find a developer who’ll join your team.  But if you insist, yes, I’m happy to deliver a great, well-designed and documented project for you.

Interim CEO/CTO/COO/Sales/Marketing/Customer Care
If you have a hole in your exec team, I’m happy to fill the hole until you find someone permanent. I have experience in all facets of business, including product design and development, sales and marketing, business development, customer research, customer care, venture capital, operations, washing windows, etc.

As of tomorrow I’ll be working mostly out of New York during the week and Lancaster, PA otherwise. I’m ok with working remotely, but prefer not to.

*attribution: Arnold Waldstein.

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