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Added a tool…

ATT, it’s been too long. Wayyy too long.

Verizon, I hate your customer service. But your actual wireless service is great. I said I would never go back to Verizon. Well, necessity is the mother of hypocrisy.

No, I didn’t get Verizon cell service, though that’s on the way in February. Today i got the Mifi, a wifi router that connects to the web through 4g cell service.

And it’s really quite fast. I just watched HD video without a skip, and I’m not in an optimal setting (large concrete building with lots of steel and more concrete).


Train. I sat on the damn train for 5 hours without  a web connection.

Team. If I get my team together and we don’t have web access, well, we’re web-dependent these days. Happened over the summer.

Travel. There is no such thing as a vacation for me anymore, so I need to be connected to keep coding, accessing builds at, etc.

Plus, many—too many– hotels charge for access.

So for $50 a month and $50 up front, I’m in good shape, and planning to get a wifi phone 🙂 Hear that? Shooting for VOIP full time instead of cell, using the router. I might bump into data limits, but overall, I bet that between home, office, and random web connections, the Mifi will just be there to fill in the gaps when they happen.

The gaps tend to happen at the worst times, so I’m really happy about filling them. Maybe I’ll take a vacation next year–tech free 🙂

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