Amazon is My Favorite Company

I’m writing this as a consumer only.

I love Amazon. I love the Kindle, which is the device that returned me to reading. My ADD makes it very difficult to get through a book, much less a newspaper, so the small screen of the first one was perfect for me.

But I left that one on a plane. And then I broke the replacement a year later.

And then a few weeks ago I apparently broke the Kindle 2 that replaced the replacement. But this time, Amazon’s sending me a replacement free of charge; they’ve had quality issues with screens.

The Kindle Fire tablet is coming out in a month or so, and I’m likely to buy that over an iPad if I have the spare cash to do it.

My rule for new gear is this: no new cash for new gear–gotta get it from selling something else. I have a ton of studio gear I don’t use, and more than enough computers, plus two monitors I’m not really using, though I’m just lazy and should hook them up (will do post-launch).

But I value the Kindle, which returned me–a writer with an English degree–to reading, which I deeply value. I understand people who like the texture of physical books–I get that and like that too. But I value readability more, and for my darting eyes, Kindle’s it.

Amazon’s end-to-end experience is excellent, and I’m constantly impressed at its progress.

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