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How's it Going with Last Year's Pledges?

At the end of 2010 I wrote a post called “The End of Bullshit”. I just came across it again, and it hit me like cold water in the face on a cold October morning. 
Here’s an excerpt. 

“One of the startups I advise spent a bunch of money outsourcing overseas. The entire product was built by a team in India. The company spent hundreds of thousands on it, and it works, mostly, kind of. 

But something doesn’t quite work, it’s not quite right, it’s not satisfying to the founder.

Well no shit. You’re a founder. You’re never satisfied. You need developers who work for you who share your vision and will do what’s needed to go from crap to great.”

It’s a rant, but it’s a good kick in the ass. 
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