Heading to NY

Heading to the train in about a half hour. And I haven’t packed yet, so this will be a quick post.

First, check out this video, starting at 27:00. I love this dose of reality.

I’ve always liked businesses where you have to sell something, not simply sell advertising, which I suppose is selling something, or enabling others to sell to your aggregated eyeballs, but selling a product or service just seems more grounded. 
I’m starting to sell myself: interviewing with a number of companies and headhunters, which I’ve frankly never done. I’ve always started things. 
Jawaya will have to be a side project for the time being. I haven’t felt comfortable raising money for it, so the pace is a lot slower than it should be, though I’m taking steps to address that. 
Ryan kicked my butt over the weekend and reminded me that I have a book to finish. So I’ve set a deadline: Finish the book in 10 days and start selling it. 
I’ve got a ton of experience, about 120 pages of the book, and over 1000 blog posts on startups to choose from, plus a ton of comments over at AVC.com since 2004 when Fred started blogging. 
What I expect I’ll end up doing in the short term, though, is advising startups, perhaps on a subscription model. I can accelerate a startup simply by adding the judgment I’ve gained over the years, from both the good and bad decisions I’ve made. 
If I can do that part of the week and code into the night, I might have a nice model going forward, until I have a finished product I can sell and build a company around. But I really don’t want a lifestyle business…I’m itching to make big things happen. 

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