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I’ve been trying to blog daily for the past few weeks, but today I simply didn’t have the time (or impetus).

I sat on a panel today in Philly about scaling business and it went fairly well. I think I forget sometimes how much I’ve been through, the initiatives, ideas, conflicts, wins, losses, etc–all of it comes back in discussions like these. I’m certain I got as much out of it as the people in the room.

One reason the panel worked is that we didn’t make it about us; yes we spoke from experience, but the trigger wasn’t the moderator, it was the audience. After brief intros, we asked people to ask questions given where they are currently in their businesses, and responded to that.

The effect was more of a group workshop rather than a top-down highlight of the panelists, and everyone was able to learn something. I’m not a huge fan of panels, except that it takes a lot less preparation than speaking, and you get to think on your feet, which is a lot more natural.

So that’s today’s non-post.

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