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Yesterday I wrote a surprisingly long post about creating a viable ecosystem. My intention was to push out something pretty quick and short, but there you have it. I’m passionate about  the issue for some reason.

But you can start anywhere. You can raise money from anywhere, though the likelihood of geting significant funding drops a bit.

As a startup your role is not to build an ecosystem of startups, it’s to build your own startup’s ecosystem, and while that can be challenging in areas outside of thriving ecosystems, it’s not impossible by any means.

It’s just different.

You can make your own breaks in your hometown, certainly. I’d recommend traveling monthly to one of the tech ecosystems and immerse yourself in networking events, and also intentionally setting meetings with people just to get to know them. 
I’m about to get on the train to NY, where I’m opening an office and immersing myself in the scene. I hope that translates to stronger connections between my hometown of Lancaster and NY, but my main goal is to be a part of that ecosystem and get things rolling for my own stuff. 
If you’re a Lancaster entrepreneur (or nearby), don’t miss our own monthly ecosystem gathering at Startup Lancaster
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