David Fraille of Lancaster has been hosting occasional “skillshares” in town. If you have a skill, and you think you can teach it, you can offer it up to people through David’s event. All day long attendees can learn something new from generous, naturally helpful people.

I love it.

Why would I want to learn to sew? Well, because it’s expensive to get new clothes, and taking them to a tailor ain’t cheap either. Cost isn’t bad at the dry cleaners for mending, but still, it’s a great skill to have.

Learn it at a skillshare event.

Last night, on my first day of co-location in New York, I participated in a skillshare class, led by the founder of the CollaborativeFund, which invests in, of course, businesses that enable collaboration toward positive outcomes.

I almost didn’t go. I was on my way, running late, cabs unavailable and my substantial belly crying out to me burger! sushi! Thai! as I walked down 6th Ave.

I got lucky around 9th street and hopped in a cab. Showed up a few minutes late (don’t be late, folks. Something I struggle with).

The class? It was decent. About 12 people, most of them involved in or starting startups. All seemed smart and driven, and Craig (the sharer) had a great story about creating the opportunity that sparked the longterm success of the company.

What was great was when someone arrives a full five minutes after me. This middle-aged woman, looking late and harried, sits down next to me and 10 minutes later is my partner in an exercise about defining the problems we’re trying to solve, the pain we’re trying to ease with our stuff.

It turned out we know some of the same people, and she had a bunch of corporate contacts she thinks would be interested in what I’m doing (from her former life working downtown, on, dare I say it, Wall Street), and I had some contacts in the socially responsible business world.

So on my first day, I met some good people, learned a bit, focused a bit, and made a new friend who offered substantive help. I’m glad I showed up.

We should be holding regular skillshares in Lancaster. Click here to learn how:

What skill/insight can you share?

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