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I’m fortunate to have a number of great friends–some of whom I’m very close with. This past week I had the chance to spend some good time with close friends in New York, catch up on what they’re up to (typically amazing stuff), etc.

I also had the chance to meet a new friend, introduced to me by another friend moving back to NY from LA. We had a wild discussion about what seemed like abstract math in 3 dimensions over time; super-calculus stuff.

He’s an artist. Sees things differently from me. Most of us, probably. I understand what he’s talking about, and see the potential for a new applied science, perhaps.

As I was leaving, we were talking about how to fund the R&D & productization, how to frame it. So I dropped my favorite line, “Discovery. It’s about discovery.” (West Wing, Season 3).

He wrote it down.

So this stuff is really kicking my ass, making me think through computational models (I’m not a computer scientist but I get it, if not the terminology) and the way we currently compute because of our 40-year platform dependency.

So in between coding I’m studying, especially visualizations. There’s a stack of stuff on this, and I’m not smart enough to understand a lot of it, but it helps to stretch the brain now and then.

There are math geniuses whose brains simply sing the calculations behind complex, flowing visualizations–songs most of us couldn’t bear to listen to or absorb.

If you know any beautiful minds I should be paying attention to in the multi-dimensional computing & math space, please post links here.

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