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In May a number of us in the Lancaster tech community organized a monthly meeting of tech founders to see what else is out there; a list of disconnected people does not an ecosystem make. 

Tonight we’re holding the 5th of these. The pattern that’s evolved is that we “network” (I really don’t like that word–better one?), then go around the table and check in with our progress since the last meeting, then the challenges we’re facing. 
The discussion of current challenges is the most interesting, with founders helping founders with questions that make us think (or squirm), and with some specific advice coming from the more experienced. 
Tonight we’re going to do it a bit differently and split into groups of two for 10 minutes, then talk as a group about what we’ve learned/discussed, and then do it again.

It’s a great way to get to know someone, and a chance to really open up about challenges. If you’re a founder, you know there are plenty that weigh on your mind at any given time. 

This is currently, and unintentionally, an all-male group, unfortunately. If you know of any female founders of tech companies (or wannabe founders), please send them the link below.
So if you’re a tech founder or want to be, please join us sometime. Sign up at the link above–there are only a few spaces left for tonight. 
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