When Things Slow Down

Over the past few weeks my focus has been highly fragmented by weekly trips to New York, staying at AirBnb places, planning a big move after the sale of the house, and planning my next steps. 

It’s a lot. 
In the meantime, it’s taken a while to work out some bugs, partly because I didn’t test thoroughly enough. Bugs on my side appeared to be server bugs, and Ryan has had little time to jump in and fix them. They turned out to be my bugs, manifesting as errors that pointed to his stuff. Crap. 
So things have slowed down. 
In between, though, I’ve taken the chance to design some things I’ve been thinking about that are complementary extensions of Jawaya. And I think I’ve gotten to a level of belief in the broad ideas that I might, just might decide to raise angel capital. 
I’m up and down on raising funds; if I don’t feel there’s a clear path to success, I’m less likely to take money from investors because I need to be confident I can deliver. 
At the same time, there’s tremendous value in the R&D, and the likelihood of positive, business-building changes given X discovery or Y feedback from customers.
So I’m very close to making the decision to raise an angel round based on the extended vision. 
I’m pretty much there, but I have to call the movers, do most of the packing today, arrange for someone to house my guitars, and maybe get to some bug fixes this evening… 😉 we’ll give it a week. 

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