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Showing Up

It’s a beautiful day in Lancaster County. I’m on the train, rolling by Amish farms under a cloudless sky.

It’s home.

what’s wrong with this picture?

But I’m ambitious, and while I’ve got a ton of work to do to close up the house before Monday, I also have a few great meetings in NY. One with a venture capitalist friend; I’m running some recent ideas past him because I’m not confident with the model (I love the idea).

I love meetings like these; it will be relatively brief, and I’ll get a lot of great feedback and likely some new ideas (not that I have a dearth of ideas; it’s execution that matters). And I’m not raising capital (well, I might be raising capital) yet, so there’s not awkward expectation there.

How does this advance the business? Well, ideas are helpful. Models that work are particularly helpful, and if I’m going to raise capital for this (I am), I really need to believe in the business model. It’s always easier for me if the model involves selling something specific–a specific product that serves people really well.

It also strengthens the relationship. Other interactions are fine, but don’t think that a phone call or email even comes close to a meeting. So much more is communicated in person.

The second meeting is with a friend who manages a a few well-known singers/songwriters, and I just love talking with her. It’s such an honor to be invited into her world to help her think through some new ideas. That’s just a great relationship and I have no expectations.

Early this morning I decided not to get on the train–too much to do, not enough time, and very little room for error on Monday if I’m going to teach my SkillShare class in New York at 6.

So I missed a nonprofit tech event in the city, and all the relationships and connections i so looked forward to, and canceled my other two meetings.

But I came to my sense about 20 minutes before the 10:32 to NY, and my meetings hadn’t responded yet, so I retracted, brush my teeth and jumped on the train.

What did Woody Allen say? 90% of life is just showing up.

Show up 🙂

[UPDATE] Great meetings–completely worth the effort.

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