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Weekend Project: Plugins

I’ve been developing the Jawaya plugin for almost a year. Deisng, implement, test, redesign, test, redesign, trash it, rebuild, rip and replace…all kinds of figuring out what feels right.

Plugins are a pain to develop and I’d avoid it if possible. Here’s why:

But at this point, I’d have to say I’m a plugin expert (on Chrome anyway); I say that knowing that I’m not a superstar programmer, but I’ve been to war with plugins, and it’s what I know best at this point.

The arguments in favor of plugins: 

  • you can control the browsing experience
  • you can have access to all open tabs
  • you can have access to all browsing history
  • you can access the DOM of any page your peeps visit
  • you can create peer-to-peer apps through the browser, which I haven’t done but am really thinking about it now
  • you can extend server apps that you don’t have direct access to, like Disqus
  • etc etc. 
Be good, though. You can do a lot of good things through extensions, but given the depth of functionality you can also do some harm. Be an ethical plugin developer. 
So that’s what I’m doing today. Tomorrow I do some final packing of the house, Monday we move out of the house, and then it’s back to work.
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