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JetBlue Customer Service

We hear about a few nightmare customer experiences on JetBlue on occasion; passengers stranded on the tarmac for hours, etc.

But JetBlue has always been a great experience for me. Tuesday was no different.

I left my third Kindle on the plane, just like the first one. Number two broke somehow (that version was particularly fragile) and Amazon replaced it immediately.

I left number three in the seat pocket at 6c.

The plane was still there, but my connecting flight was about to push off when I realized I had lost it.

I told the flight attendant, who immediately called the attendant up front, and he called me up front to talk with the gate guy who had taken our tickets.

He was awesome.

Said he had to get the plane going, but to give him permission to look at my records and get my info to send me info if they find it. He wrote down his direct number for me to check, and made it clear not the call the 800 number, that he was serious about getting it done.

I believed it.

The flight attendant looked me in the eye and said “he’s a good guy–I know he’s going to get that for you.”

Now, I’ve lost a lot of things over the years while traveling, including two (yes two) guitars, a CPAP, and a Kindle, among others.  I lose things. So I’m expecting nothing, and already thinking about ordering the replacement some day when I can spare the $79.

When I check my email after we land, I have an email from JetBlue Lost & Found. They had in fact found it, and it was back at JFK waiting for me, or they could Fedex it.

It’s a great relief, because the Kindle has become a necessary tool for me. I read much more, much faster, and with more comprehension, likely because of my ADD.

Reading the newspaper is a real chore, because my eyes see everything and I have trouble focusing on the article I’m trying to read. So the limits of the Kindle do wonders for me.

Anyway, I’m grateful for that effort–thank you.

How you treat customers every day shows your true character as a company.

That extra effort–particularly when it isn’t expected–speaks volumes and turns customers into true believers in you and your work.

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