On Wednesday, the leadership team from Mission Research (makers of GiftWorks fundraising software, which I started with Dave Weaver) took me out to lunch (ABG, which has dramatically improved over the years). It was great to hear how things were going.

But what really struck me was how sincere each of them was. I can spot bullshit, especially when it’s about a company I started and led, and there wasn’t an ounce of it. 
There’s a new level of trust among people there. There’s a viable vision, but the impressive thing is the execution. As Steve said, it’s all about the results and holding everyone accountable to the results–and to each other. 
I never quite got that part right, and I know my successor didn’t. It’s hard stuff. But this team had been through the ringer, and when reinventing the company they focused on what truly mattered: good people focused on and delivering measurable, positive results.
The results? A highly profitable company. A meritocracy. Trust among employees. Happy customers. A positive environment to work in every day. Less stress. 
I’m in awe of the results, and grateful for the efforts, patience, and tenacity of this great group of people. 

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