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I used to work every day. Ok, I still work every day. 

I’m sitting in my family’s summer house on a lake in Northern PA. It’s snowing a bit, there’s about 5 inches on the ground from Wednesday night, my best friends Millie and Lupine are with me, and I’m eating bacon and eggs.
Life is good this morning. 
But I’m wrapping up the big project, which still needs a lot of work, not to mention the stuff we had to leave out just to make progress. 
So I’m working.
If you can’t take a break on a Saturday, at least change up your routine. Go to market for an hour. Exercise for 2 hours instead of 1. Take a long hike. Visit friends. 
But don’t work all day.
Now, if you’re smart, you’re focused all week, and pace yourself so you have your Saturdays free. Maybe even your Sundays. 
Is that you? Should it be? Are you fresh? 
If you’re not fresh, take a break. When you get back to work you’ll be sharper. Listen to some music–that helps me a bit. Playing guitar or piano for an hour helps even more. 
Breaks are good.
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