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Organizing Life

Today I’m working just a bit. On Wednesday I moved into a new apartment; well, actually it’s an old apartment, and I’ve lived there before. It’s a great place downtown–high ceilings, hardwood floors, affordable. And it’s just like home, because, well, it was home for 7 years.

It’s pretty beaten up though after years of renters with varying levels of care about the woodwork, paint, etc.

So I’m doing some painting (well, a friend is, subsidized by free rent til February). But I’ve got boxes and furniture all over the place, and quite a bit of unpacking to do.

Packing is a good time to weed out the crap in life, but at some point you start running out of time and you just throw what’s left into boxes and deal with it later. That was about 30% of the stuff this time.

So unpacking is a chance to do some weeding, and re-order life a bit. So I’m organizing and unpacking all day, resetting, reducing the clutter and stuff, and setting up what I hope will be a great work-life environment.

See you Saturday.

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