Weekend Project: Testing

It’s been tough to wrap up the beta because of a bit of distraction recently, not the least of which has been living in limbo and then moving. 

Yesterday I unpacked the studio/office and reconstructed my desk, which is the perfect studio/mixing desk with rack space for outboard gear and a raise tier for speakers, extra monitors, etc. I love me a big desk 🙂
When I’m coding I usually use one monitor for code, another for documentation, another for testing. And sometimes one for mixing a recording just to keep the brain fresh. 
With the office mostly set up, I’m ready to dig in and wrap the latest. I’ll be in NY for investor meetings on Monday, so I’m looking forward to getting a few things cleaned up in the code and get a bit of feedback, then use train time to review the pitch. 
I don’t use automated test suites–I’m hoping to start sometime and learn some testing methodologies. If you have any testing tips–especially for JS in the browser and browser extensions–please let me know. I’d also love some tips on liquid CSS 🙂 
It is Saturday though, so I’m also looking forward to a romp in the park with the dogs 🙂 Have a great day!

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