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Recommend a Phone?

I drop things.

A few weeks after I got the original iPhone, I dropped it and the screen cracked. I was fortunate that they replaced it, but I dropped it another 100 times.

You’d think I’d get a case. But the cases make the iPhone feel terrible.

I skipped the second version because of my contract with the lousy AT&T, and then got the iPhone 3Gs.

Two days later I dropped it and the screen shattered.

You’d think I’d learn. But the cases hadn’t improved enough and I took my chances.

100 drops later, bits of glass were flaking off the phone, so I decided to replace the screen. I ordered the cheap repair kit off Amazon instead of taking it to Apple or some other shop that charges $99 for a repair.

Well, that didn’t work so well. The phone works, and I can see a thin line of text at the top of the barely functioning digitizer.

I need a new phone. Or old one.

My ATT contract is up in about a month. I really hate cell phones; you might have heard me gripe about audio quality before. Consumer Reports just came out with an extensive review of phones, which was helpful.

As an entrepreneur I want to checkout Android 4. I’m not sure I want to commit to 2 years of Android, but the new Nexus looks amazing.

Unfortunately it’s $300–out of my price range these days.

If you were to get an Android phone, what would it be? What has worked for you? Should I simply repair the 3Gs and suck it up? And is there a great phone that survives dozens of drops from unsteady hands?

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