Tuesday's list

Three Tuesdays out of every month I have School Board meetings–sometimes twice during the same day. I tend to schedule calls and meetings during those days and code very little. 

The last Tuesday (and if I’m lucky there are five Tuesdays so I get time off two weeks in a row) is free. I hardly know what to do with myself. 
So I make the list. 
Today the list is mostly bugs, testing, and aesthetics. But in advance of the New Year, I’ve added ‘YMCA’, ‘Market’, and ‘cleaning’. I’m not a habitually neat person, but I’ve been spending 30-60 minutes a day recently just cleaning or straightening stuff out. It makes a huge difference in quality of life. 
Market is Central Market–the country’s oldest operating market. THere are only a few organic stands there; I get my local grass-fed, free-range, liberal thinking meat and eggs there, and in the winter the organics come from greenhouses and trucks from warmer climes.
The YMCA is the tough one. If I can simply get there, I’ll work out. But I often listen to that lazy bum in my head that complains it’s too cold, or I’m too tired, or whatever. No more of that–it’s on the list. 
If it’s on the list, it gets done. That’s the rule, and it works. 
Make your list.

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