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Craig Lauer: Content, Editing, UX expert

I’ve known Craig most of my life. From 2003 through 2008, he helped Mission Research shape GiftWorks, edit marketing materials, etc.

He’s not a designer but he helps shape the design through his use of language and advocacy for simplicity. The principle was that if you had to write help to explain it, it’s probably poorly designed. Your users should be able to learn the software simply by using it. It should be obvious, simple, and fulfilling.

He did great work for us then, and continues to do great work (writing blog posts, marketing material, UX input, project management, editing, etc). He’s helped me with Jawaya and some other stuff I was working on and I’ll hire him again.

He’s worked with the top design firms in NY, and a large number of clients ranging from startups to American Express, and has an impeccable reputation.

My point is this: if you need someone to make your software/product/messaging/writing etc better, hire Craig. Contact me for his info.

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