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Weekend Project: Sun :)

It’s currently over 50 degrees in beautiful downtown Lancaster, not a cloud in the sky. In the sun it feels like the 60s, which at this time of year feels like the 70s. 🙂

I just got back from Central Market where I picked up a whole, local, free-range, left-wing chicken, and a pound and a half of local grass-fed, righteous sirloin and some veggies shipped in from Florida.

At 1 I’m attending my mother’s retirement dinner; she headed the Nazareth Project for 17 years, taking over after my dad passed away. She’s raised millions for the hospital and will be missed, certainly. But it’s time.

Later I’ll take a walk in the park and hit the Y again. Speaking of which, I walked to the Y yesterday, hit the weights plus cardio, then went on a hike with a friend. And I’m feeeeling it today 🙂 So it’s a good start to a new routine.

Anyway, get out there!

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