So, that was a brutal day in NY. The meetings were great. But let me tell you, don’t do what I did. I needed a wheelchair at the Amtrak station in Lancaster to get to the car, at which point I drove to the school board meeting, mini-stepped my way to the table, and sat for 3 hours. I see the doc in an hour.

But the hotel and on the train I was able to focus and get a bunch of APIs stubbed out and some of them built. For some reason I just really flow with Node, Express, Mongoose, and Jade.

Yesterday I added Stylus, which is the CSS renderer for Jade. TJ apparently doesn’t like extra characters like colons and brackets, so he’s removed them. The CSS is basically the same, just with fewer characters.

Over the next day or so I’ll tighten up the user and session management, then turn to filling out the APIs; the core ones are done. The search stuff I’m not certain about; we’ve used Solr for Jawaya, and I’d love to leverage Solr or Lucene (which Solr sits on top of) but haven’t researched it beyond knowing that there’s no Mongo integration yet. I think.

The best thing about the new platform is that I’m not waiting on someone else to fix bugs. I never really liked Rails, and didn’t want to invest the time to become proficient. With Node, I was productive after the first hour. Feels great.

Time to head to the doc. I’m really hoping it’s not as bad as it seems, and that a few days of rest will be enough. 🙂

Have a great day, and remember to get outside and enjoy the sky for a few moments before hustling to the next thing or looking at your phone.

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