Html2Jade & Perfect 3-Column Layout

While I know CSS, I’m not a designer and don’t love to move pixels around the screen without guidance.

So I found a good HTML/CSS template combo from this guy, and decided to give it a try. So I started converting it by hand to Jade, and then thought, “gee, someone should write something like HTML2JADE.”

Right. Googled it. There it is–thanks buddy. I love the interwebs.

HTML2JADE is a simple node module that converts your html to jade format. You can install it (on Mac) with npm install html2jade, and then use command line to convert:

html2jade yourfile.html.

If you don’t have a lot of files to convert, then shoot on over to another hero’s site and just paste your HTML in, click the button and bang–you’ve got jade 🙂

Gotta love the interwebs.

UPDATE: TJ also included a way to convert your CSS to Stylus in the Stylus executable. So if you’re using a css template (assuming you have installed Stylus globally), just use

stylus -C –css ~yourpath/here.css

and the magic will happen.

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