Weekend Project

I wish I had a goodie here but I don’t.

This weekend–like most–I’ll be working on Jawaya, taking an occasional break to go to market or on a (gasp!) walk, and testing a side project around community.

I’ve rebuilt Jawaya from the ground up, switching from Rails to Node. It’s going very well, very fast. I’ve run into a few minor issues because Express isn’t well documented (damn you TJ!), but the Node community has been a great help.

I could cut down a lot of work if I chose to use the original UI. For now, though, I figured a completely clean pass would be best, and I can always hook the prior one up.

The plugin is the same, but I’m adding an iFrame and a bookmark as options for those wary of browser extensions.

I’m going to be very conservative and say it will be ready in two weeks, but I’m already wrapping up the server APIs and have just some cleanup and testing to do.

So that’s my weekend. Blue skies, though, so definitely heading to market (by car), Mandros (greek food market/deli), and perhaps out for a very limited stroll. The knee is recovering very well, but it’s too early to really push it. Hoping to get some sort of workout in–but nothing involving the legs 🙂

Have a great day

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