Star Wars, Crowd-Sourced over the SOPA-Free Interwebs

I came across this on the Facebook or the interwebs somewhere. It’s Star Wars–the entire movie (first one)–remade by, well, the crowd.

At first it seemed gimmicky. But I couldn’t turn it off. At 12 minutes in, I realized I had to take it seriously and watch it on my 42″ TV.

And pull my studio speakers and mixer into the living room to get the full effect.

It’s truly an amazing work. Each participant contributed 15 seconds. The producer edited each 15-second segment together, perfectly.

Some of the scenes are hilarious; if a scene is 2 minutes long, that’s 4 different approaches tied together. I’m still shaking my head at some of them, including one scene with the Dude and Donny at the bowling alley talking about the death star.

Some are artistic, some are silly, some are cartoons. One is done in the style of Casablanca, another, the Simpsons. There’s a lot of stop-gap animation.

And of course, the most fun are the ones with kids, or kids and their parents, typically with a kid as Darth Vader, with the original James Earl Jones voiceover.

My favorite kid scene is where a captured Leia first meets Vader, with Vader played by the dad, and leia played by a 3 or 4-year-old, held by dad as they deliver the lines perfectly.

After yesterday’s brawl over SOPA over at AVC, this was a refreshing piece that never would could have been made had SOPA passed.

Even as it is, it’s possible it could get pulled given George Lucas’s notoriously tight hold over the Star Wars franchise, but I’m guessing he’ll be won over right about the time he sees Indiana Jones flying the Millenium Falcon.

Watch it–HDMI out of your computer to your TV. Pump up the volume.

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