Try. Break. Refine. Try Again.

First, you’re going to get back to your list/calls/code in about two minutes. 

Today I’m once again learning something new. Learn, implement, refine, move forward. I’m breaking my coding into 30 minute blocks–more or less the Pomodoro approach. A call comes in, I take it, pace while I’m talking to get a bit of exercise. The knee’s a lot better–radically–so it’s time to get back to exercise. 
Hit a stopping point–weird behaviors in my routing. By habit I hit the web to look for the answer. 
Wrong. It’s almost never the right approach–it should be a last resort. 
Test. Doesn’t work. Try something else. Doesn’t work. Try again. Keep track of what you’re trying, keep refining it, track everything. That’s better…ok…picked up the trail, and …ok, nailed it.
Break’s over. What’s next?

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