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Weekend Project: Lists

I’m making my list, checking it twice.

I’ve neglected a few things this week, like certain coding, cleaning, organizing, bill paying. I started working at interim CTO at a consumer web startup (stealthishly), which means weekly travel to NY and less time to take care of the things at home.

Further, I’m wrapping up some of my own stuff over nights and weekends. Sleep hasn’t been great because I have the dogs this week and they’ve been sick.

So, make the list. And then blast through it. Once that’s done, I can focus on getting a few key tests done, moving the app to a Node host, and inviting a few folks in.

One thing I realized this week–my coding skills have really hit a nice, stable, fluid period. My guitar playing is like that sometimes; you know your vocabulary, know your tools, and fluently lay into a groove with ease. It’s a nice place to be.

So I need to go make the list and get some stuff done for me. Then a hike in the park, and likely a Saturday late afternoon through the evening working on some neat stuff I’m really enjoying.

Now go forth, make your own list. What’s at the top?

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