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I Know–Let's Put on a Show!

I remember watching what had to be movies from the 40’s and 50’s, where everyone was looking sad and glum, when suddenly somebody jumps up with a huge smile and says “I know–let’s put on a show!” and then convinces everyone to make it happen, thus saving the orphanage or town. 

In Lancaster, PA (the center of culture and technology), Steve Carlson is that guy

He’s organized three place-based plays, which basically means that he got three playwrights to write 15-minute plays for 3 different locations in Lancaster, within short walking distance of one another. 

Great idea, and happens on Art Walk Weekend in early May. 

So I’m asking for you to be that person to and put on a show. Check it out, and kick in-we’ve got a show to put on!

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