Selling the Car

Over the next week or so I hope to sell the car. It’s a 2001 Subaru Sedan with maybe 78k miles.


I live in downtown Lancaster, a block from the 300 block of N Queen. I walk to Central Market or Lemon Street Market. I ride my bike to County Park and walk to School Board meetings.

I walk to the train station to go to New York, or take the bus. I can take the train to Philly airport, Newark, or even BWI if I need to.

If I need to rent a car to do a road trip, I can join Zipcar in Philly and train in to pick it up, or I can rent a car locally.

The car costs about $200/month to own and operate; more if I get tickets, and I do get tickets.

This isn’t my last car. I’m waiting for a great electric car or plugin-hybrid. Likely a minivan or pickup truck. Or given my new singledom and my need to live up to cliches, maybe I’ll get a Model X from Tesla.

My point? We don’t need to own cars. I’m looking forward to a well-executed AirBnB for monetizing the excess capacity of car availability, otherwise known as car-sharing.

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