Midweek list

Here we are again.

Two days into the week and things are stacking up. Something came up and took 3 hours of time. Then there’s the question of which CRM system to adopt (they all still suck, btw). That’s another 3 hours.

And then the Spring Cold. This morning I woke up with either crazy bad allergies or a bad cold–I can’t tell yet. I’m thinking it’s the cold. Coffee didn’t help. Chicken soup is on the way, metaphorically and literally.

So stop. Take a break. Look back at Monday’s intention. Acknowledge it, and throw it away.

The midweek list lets you reset based on reality. Your plan met the enemy and you had to change your plan. That’s ok. But you have to reset and make the most of the next three days.

Narrow it, focus, choose carefully, and get back to it.

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