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What Do I *Get* to Do Today?

What do I get to do today?

I ask myself this every morning. The evening before I set reminders for myself so I don’t forget something important. 
But early in the morning I ask myself–with a smile–what do I get  to do today? And by that I mean what do I get to accomplish today? 
I feel so much better when I’ve finished something. When I let the loose ends go, they start to gnaw at me–the dogs nipping at my heels. 
This week I had the flu. Thought it was a cold or allergies, but yesterday it hit me hard. I’ve gotten less done than I’d like, so today I get to finish some things.
I don’t see that as a burden. I see it as a really great chance to do some good, to create order, to create a new opportunity. 
So today I’m already moving fast and very happy to have the chance to finish some important things. 
Later, I get to finish a few things for myself, including getting the start of community gardens at one of the local schools underway. It’s going to be a great day 🙂 
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