Too Many Options

I’ve had a few recent conversations with founders of a variety of startups. Like me, each of them has more than one idea. Like me, they’re ambitious and want to do them all because they can see the opportunity for each.

But unless you’ve set up something like BetaWorks or something similar–a company generator–you really can’t and shouldn’t entertain multiple ideas.

Launching one startup is hard enough. Launching two, well, I’d say it’s more than twice as hard, because you’d be switching contexts all the time.

Now if you had someone managing each one, perhaps you could do it. But I’d advise against chasing more than one dream at a time and just get one of them right.

And later–after you’ve put in your years of work to make the thing successful, then maybe you start a company factory.

For now, focus on one thing, and focus within the focus, and build that business to be sustainable and enjoyable, because you’ll be doing it for some time in all likelihood.

Me, I’m kicking around a few options, from startups to the local community business stuff I’ve mentioned recently, to heading a funded but troubled startup (none in particular). Once I make the choice, that’s all I’ll do, because I want to make the most of it.

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