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Evangelize, Don't Fish

Fred has a post about a new feature from one of his companies that enables job applicants to send their resume in one click from the employer’s site.

It makes it simpler for the applicant. There are a bunch of negative comments–that this enables mindless volume, etc. And I pointed out that no, it’s just a button; what you make people do before they see the button is up to you as an employer (like filling out an online survey that serves as a filter).

But you, my startup friend, you aren’t going to use this much if at all. Try it–create a survey at SurveyMonkey designed to filter out unqualified applicants, and make the one-click button the last step.

But that’s not what will get you the employees you need at your current stage. Don’t fish. Evangelize.

Evangelize, network, evangelize, recruit, evangelize. You need to proactively get out there and find the right people, and the right people are the ones completely stoked by your own stokedness, your passion, your drive, your conviction.

Read this post from last year. Then get to work.

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