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Weekend Project: Jawaya?

I have a few weeks before I need to start working for pay again, so I’m picking up the Jawaya project again. A lot has changed since I started rebuilding it in Node.js over the winter. 

I put it down completely when I signed on to help Tereza at HonestlyNow. HN is built on  Symfony, which is a PHP MVC framework. When I got there it was a website; when I left it was a platform of APIs that any developer could build around without the Symfony dependency. 
I like taking that approach–core set of APIs that support a variety of clients: mobile, widgets, plugins, bookmarklets, and the site itself. Separating the presentation layer from the core business logic makes code maintenance a lot easier, too. 
So with the search project, I’m returning to that API-based approach and separating the front end from the back end entirely, simply returning data or system messages. 
Node has advanced a bit. I’m thinking about hammering out something like Twitter, but for developers; it seems the Node’s the perfect back end for something like that. We’ll see. 
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