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There's a Cost to Free Speech

I’m a regular at for a number of reasons. Three of them were on display today with Fred’s post about free speech:

But free speech can be costly to those who exercise it. Which led to my comments, which I’ll share here, with a few minoir edits.

Some free speech comes with a cost.
I’ve been personally effected by expressing my beliefs–opportunities denied and doors closed, reprisals delivered subtly and not so subtly; and in several cases, been slandered (on Facebook no less, so libel, I guess). Their loss, but mine too.
Headhunters looking for a visionary, optimistic leader land here and don’t like something they read, and I never get the interview, for instance. It’s not safe to have an opinion in the business world, unless your ass is already covered. 
I never embraced that, though, because I’ve always started companies, but these days I’m likely to join one and lead it. The gatekeepers for some of the compelling opportunities are less likely to take a risk with someone who has an opinion. 
Free speech is a wonderful thing, but there are reasons why people don’t put themselves out there, because there are no laws against discriminating against someone because of what they say in many cases.
And that’s part of freedom too–to be able to choose not to do business with someone because you don’t like what they’ve expressed, regardless of the relevance to the business itself.
I’ll share this from the first episode of the Newsroom–it’s a great rant, and also reminds me that expressing your opinions and beliefs is not without consequence.
Worth watching –short version…
Longer version giving more context…
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