Sometimes I have to remind myself what a miracle every day is. The trees changing into their Fall clothes. The morning fog on a warm morning wrapping the carriage house. The promise of romaine from the community gardens in time for the Harvest Dinner.

And then there’s technology. Wonder again.

Coding used to be much harder. You had to worry about a lot of stuff in the OS. Some people still worry about that but most of us can just code and deploy to somewhere out there, no specific server needed.

Today I’m wrapping up a little utility that will make my life a bit easier, and after hitting a few roadblocks, and getting past all of them with a little help from my friends out there on the ether somewhere (StackOverflow.com), I’m testing and refining.

This is a feature, and an obvious one that should be universal but isn’t. If it works for me over the next week or so, I’ll release it into the wild, where it might help other people who’ve had the same frustrations.

We’ve moved from binaries to text, largely–moving text, interpreting text, sharing text, storing text. Most things are distributed and accessible. Everything’s referential. Everything has its place (namespace, I guess). And soon many things, perhaps most things, will be interconnected across the intergalactic interwebs.


“it’s these little things they can pull you underlive your life filled with joy and wonder”

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