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Startup Lancaster Featured Company: Delivery Crowd

Yesterday I posted about Current Estimating/Proposal software. Joe is one of Startup Lancaster’s members; the group only allows founders of startup tech product companies.

(We did invite Yale Eastman to join us once, who founded Thermacore in the 1970, which is local and makes thermal management stuff for the tech industry, like the coating on certain processors to handle the heat).

To get back into daily blogging, I’m going to feature startups that are members of Startup Lancaster. In the case of DeliveryCrowd, it started when Fran and Ryan met and shot the shit at one of our meetups and they came up with idea. Something like that anyway.

Last night, DeliveryCrowd did a test run of its crowd-sourced delivery service. Founders Fran and Ryan served as crowdies–independent drivers who handle deliveries for restaurants without delivery service.

Drivers set their own prices, schedule, and driving zone, and customers pick an available driver if more than one are available.

They had a successful test of the system, with seven orders processed and delivered. I’m looking forward to testing it next weekend myself, both as an orderer and driver (if they let me), and learning more about how it went, but it’s a company to keep an eye on.

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