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Startup Monday:

One of Startup Lancaster’s passionate founders has a new angle on mapping–it’s basically a social mapping platform that allows you to map your experiences with a lot more detail and connection than Google Maps alone.

Leslyn Kantner lives near the Delaware/PA border and drives up every month for Startup Lancaster. I’d say she is one of the more tenacious founders in the group, and has endless optimism, which helps make up for the lack of capital to really give it a go.

What turned my head about it wasn’t the idea so much as how some people are using it, and how people into things like ancestry have taken a liking to it.

And now it’s time to show, not tell; it’s a lot easier to grok if you visit a few public maps.

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You can create as many maps as you’d like, add photos, share stuff, overlay other maps, see nearby pins, and there’s embed code if you want to show it on your own site or blog.

Check it out–it might do the trick for you. Leslyn is on to something here, and while there are other mapping apps out there, it’s worth taking a deeper look (and if you’re an investor, meeting Leslyn, who has a great story behind this).

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